Journeyman IPA

This easy drinking IPA is well balanced with fresh aromas of pine and mango. The final stop on the journey to find the perfect IPA. 
6.5% | 65 IBU

Crafted Lager

This crystal clear crafted premium lager provides smooth malt notes with a crisp, clean finish. The ideal beer for your everyday common affair.
4.8% | 12 IBU

Coppersmith Brown Ale

This dark ale is a bold yet smooth ale with subtle notes of coffee and chocolate. The perfect beer to celebrate that job well done.
4.9% | 26 IBU

Brewmaster Blonde Ale

This golden blonde ale provides rich malt forward sweetness with wonderful hints of citrus aromas. The perfect beer masterfully crafted for any occasion.
4.5% | 18 IBU

Good Company Hazy Pale Ale

This silky smooth premium hazy pale ale has the perfect balance of fruity aromas and slight malt sweetness. The most perfect beer to share in good company.
4.7% | 40 IBU